Jennie Gallaine is a painter born in Paris, France,
living and working in Göteborg, Sweden

Black, red, green, black.
jennie gallaine
jennie gallaine
We only see what we are aware of
jennie gallaine contemporary art

Louis Doucet, Vice-President and Curator of MACparis:

“Jennie Gallaine claims an unstable equilibrium(…) A nervous line, an unexpected drip, the overflow of a gesture can, at any time, turn everything into an unexpected universe, which is, after all, only the revelation of one of the many facets of the Artist’s I

Pierre Souchaud, Art critic and Founder of Artension magazine:

“Jennie Gallaine is part of this very current family of young artists for whom the painted representation is a wrenching, a convulsion, a speleological risk-taking in the very entrails of matter, image, gesture, and self.
There is in this young Artist a desire to go back to emotion and matter with constant research for dynamic instability and this perpetual endangerment inherent in creative inventiveness.»

Lucien Ruimy, Founder and Curator of Puls’Art:

“She attacks the canvas with force; the gestures seem to have their control and to be guided by emotion alone. The dynamic of the lines, reinforced by the choice of colors red, emerald green, and black, gives a false impression of instability, of loss of control. Still, it only expresses Jennie Gallaine’s creativity and risk-taking.
You have to let yourself be carried away by the movement and all the sensuality expressed by the Artist. Just the rawest emotion possible to try to get to the truth.»